Virtual vs. Real World-2

Virtual vs. Real World-2

A Real World Sample
A Real World Sample

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Let’s continue where we left off. I will move on with Albert Einstein’s “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” It is clear that imagination comes before knowledge. Imagination is endless but knowledge is limited. We don’t know what will be in the next century. How will be the “Virtual & Real World” in the next century? We cannot know the answer but at least can imagine starting from today. We will never be sure about what will be the next. By imagining, thinking, calculating, we can increase the possibility of what will happen next. In the long run, it will be a step by step guide to next century whatever done today. Virtual and real worlds will go on to engage each other. The courses of actions taken will bring tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and next century. Shortly, whatever we do today will bring tomorrow. Let’s imagine.

How real-world behaves.

It is the world we live inside. Whatever we do in a usual daily life are the activities of real world. Actually, the cause of formation of virtual world is real world. Real-world found and formed virtual world. It was very strange at the beginning what were the computers like. Computers created virtual networks. Virtual networks formed virtual world. Virtual world started expanding in nearly all areas of the real-world business. Thanks to technological improvements and scientists for finding new technological devices that helped us to surf in this new world. The online world took on a more recognizable form in 1990 when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. You can read more on this by clicking here. Networks of networks were the internet. After that, it started to be used among all the people for different purposes in all areas. Real-world enjoyed from this new virtual formation. Because it was very easy to connect, communicate, meet, sell, buy, etc. with all the people in the world. Real-world found it awesome! 😊 Everything was easier with this virtual formation in all areas on the world. It was something very useful. As a result, it started taking advantage of virtual world to reach its goals. But, enlargement of virtual world caused itself become smaller. The real world is becoming smaller each passing day to which we say globalization today.

How virtual world behaves.

Virtual world also welcomed to real-world and was happy, too. All the conditions have already been set up for itself. It is becoming bigger each day just the opposite of real one. It entered nearly all the areas of real-world. It was not so useful anymore to behave traditionally. Virtual world had also giant companies as in the real world. There are also clashes beside collaboration among the real-world giants and virtual ones, too. After the networks of networks established, it was a new era type business working together. Companies which used the advantages of virtual world became more powerful than the rest. They kept their business on its route. Because the virtual world was able to enter all inaccessible zones in the real world. It was empowering its friends in an accelerated way. Because even if it is a small company it was able to sell its products to any type of target audience that he desired to sell globally. This was like a beyond imagination type business under the real-world conditions. Think about Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Those companies were not aware of the things what was waiting for themselves at the very beginning. As Mark Zuckerberg also highlighted clearly in Harvard Commencement 2017. Now they’re among the most powerful companies in the real-world. All of those are the signs of how virtual world behaves in a dominating way without disruption.

What to do next?

As today’s people, we face with these two worlds together and in an engagement to each other. People are using these two worlds at a changing frequency for different purposes and passions. While some completely engaged, some are even not aware of it, especially in certain regions of the world. It was very interesting for me the life story of Steve Jobs. As one of big contributors, I think he was also fully engaged person to the virtual world. But the real world was not for him, though. He was better in virtual world but not at the other one. He liked what he did. As a result, there are people who were citizens of the virtual world. As this era will move on this direction, we have to learn more about this virtual world. Perhaps we can also contribute more to the real world by doing this. The effect of the nations is decreasing whereas virtual world’s giants increases. I can give Bill Gates as an example. Sometimes his explanations can create more effect in the real world than any presidents’. I know that Bill Gates wants to change some bad things in the real world and so does Mark Zuckerberg. Those celebrities are just examples. All of us can also contribute something good for the sake of community. We can save life of a starfish by connecting it to the sea.

Starfish On The Coast
Starfish On The Coast

Learn the new world.

We can create a new course of action to our life by imagining where the world is going. Amid virtual and real worlds, it is a necessity for today’s people. We can improve the quality of our lives one step further by helping to the others who need support. I believe we can reach the goals by imagining the life we want to live or deserve. Although it has many negative side effects, globalization brings opportunities as we are experiencing each day on different platforms. Everybody needs learning this new emerging world. Most of the people have been already aware of it and actively engaging to the virtual world for real-world purposes. For adding value, contributing to the community, and helping each other, we can throw a starfish to the sea! It will be the happiness, perhaps, only to see what has changed in that starfish’s destiny.


* This article has been written by Hakan OZCAN who is an influencer/freelance writer on henoni. You can learn more about him by checking out his personal blog

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