Thank You Microsoft Ads

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thank you microsoft

Want to learn the best internet company when you need any type of products or services?  Here are some that I wanted to share with you as an end-user experience. I am engaging different internet companies as most of us did in our daily life. Microsoft among them was the most sensitive one I noticed when compared with Facebook, etc.  When the subject is the customer’s satisfaction, everything has been thought proactively. Microsoft has many products. I will only transfer the ones that I used or experienced, here. After giving a short info on certain products, I will focus on how Microsoft Ads supported me with my campaign plans. Again, thank you for that. You can learn more about Microsoft and its logo’s formation story by tapping this link.


Windows is the best and one of the oldest universal product. When you start working on the platform, in virtual world, it tracks you. It gives insights and makes mini instant arrangements for you about how to make the settings as you liked. When you make or about to make any type of changes, it directly highlights the privacy policy. That’s it. The important thing is the idea that lies under it. Hey man! You are making this change, but it will have this kind of effect. The approach is very humane. I personally appreciate!

Microsoft Office

This is an unbelievable product. It is serving to the people in the real world. I think that If Microsoft Office has not been found, the world would not reach its level of civilization as of today. It contributed to the history as much as the invention of writing did. Of course, there are other suits, but none of them had created potential effect when compared with Microsoft Office. It is also very awesome😊, too. I am sure that my happiness parameter increases when start using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc. All of them are very easy to use and user-friendly.

Microsoft Ads

Recently I got an e-mail from Microsoft Advertising Support about my Microsoft Advertising Proposal. The e-mail is below:

  • Hello Hakan,

This is XXX and I have completed a full analysis of your Microsoft Advertising campaigns and put together an optimization plan to help you achieve your goals. The full proposal is below and will help you to acquire new customers, build your brand trust, drive more traffic to your website, increase conversions and increase ad engagement.

The changes I’m recommending are:

Update Ads to Look More Appealing – I noticed your ads can be updated by making the first letter of each word capitalized.  Which will make the ads more appealing to potential customers.

Ads – I notice you can benefit from having more ads, which will help you reach more customers.  I recommend creating 2-3 more ads in each ad group, so your ads can compete a little with each other.

Rotate AdsI recommend you update your Advanced Settings in Microsoft Advertising to rotate ads more evenly.  This strategy will allow your advertising to serve more effectively.

Low search volume KeywordsI noticed you have multiple keywords that are dragging down your performance and hurting your rank of your account.  I recommend deleting keywords that have not gotten any impressions or clicks.

Bid StrategyI notice that your “Freelance Like a Pro” campaign is currently on Max Clicks, I suggest switching it to Enhanced CPC, you set your bids and Microsoft Advertising will automatically adjust your bids to increase your chances for a conversion.

To move forward, please reply to this email within 3 business days with the proposed recommendations that you’d like me to implement. If you’d like me to implement all proposed changes, you can reply with “I approve all changes.” Once you approve, I will make the changes and let you know when the revised campaigns are active. Please reply if you have any questions on the recommended tactics.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

XXX | Microsoft Advertising Account Specialist

Terms and Conditions for Special Service Offer:

1/This offer entitles the Advertiser to a free one-time service, under the Microsoft Advertising Terms and Conditions.

2/To receive the free service, the Advertiser must do the following: accept the offer by agreeing to let a Microsoft Advertising Specialist implement the opportunities identified in the Advertiser’s Microsoft Advertising account either through verbal consent or in writing.

3/Recommended and/or implemented campaign opportunities are not a guarantee of actual performance.

  • I replied him.

Hi, thank you very much for your support. I did not see anything like this before. Thank you again. I just want to learn how much all of those change cost me?

  • Microsoft Advertising Support replied me.

“Hello Hakan, it is my pleasure, this is a free service that Microsoft Advertising offers.  Our goal here at Microsoft Advertising is to ensure you are utilizing all of our available features and tools so that you are meeting your advertising goals.  Thank You, XXX

What do you think? Isn’t it perfect? I have never seen an ad support service like this. The details are above.  I wanted to share those with you. I also want to show you how Microsoft Advertising Support behaves you, even if you are a very small advertiser.  On certain platforms like Facebook, you even if can’t reach the support team. I also planned campaigns on Google, Facebook, etc. Microsoft is creating a winning formula. Most of the big companies are neglecting this formula. As a result, I believe that Microsoft Ads Team was the best among them.

Thank You Microsoft Ads thank you microsoft

* This article (Amazon products are promoted in this article on certain links to earn from qualifying purchases) has been written by Hakan OZCAN who is an influencer/freelance writer/blogger on henoni. You can learn more about him by checking out



Virtual vs. Real World-2

A Real World Sample
A Real World Sample

Sponsored by Hakan Ozcan*

Designing the future.

Let’s continue where we left off. I will move on with Albert Einstein’s “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” It is clear that imagination comes before knowledge. Imagination is endless but knowledge is limited. We don’t know what will be in the next century. How will be the “Virtual & Real World” in the next century? We cannot know the answer but at least can imagine starting from today. We will never be sure about what will be the next. By imagining, thinking, calculating, we can increase the possibility of what will happen next. In the long run, it will be a step by step guide to next century whatever done today. Virtual and real worlds will go on to engage each other. The courses of actions taken will bring tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and next century. Shortly, whatever we do today will bring tomorrow. Let’s imagine.

How real-world behaves.

It is the world we live inside. Whatever we do in a usual daily life are the activities of real world. Actually, the cause of formation of virtual world is real world. Real-world found and formed virtual world. It was very strange at the beginning what were the computers like. Computers created virtual networks. Virtual networks formed virtual world. Virtual world started expanding in nearly all areas of the real-world business. Thanks to technological improvements and scientists for finding new technological devices that helped us to surf in this new world. The online world took on a more recognizable form in 1990 when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. You can read more on this by clicking here. Networks of networks were the internet. After that, it started to be used among all the people for different purposes in all areas. Real-world enjoyed from this new virtual formation. Because it was very easy to connect, communicate, meet, sell, buy, etc. with all the people in the world. Real-world found it awesome! 😊 Everything was easier with this virtual formation in all areas on the world. It was something very useful. As a result, it started taking advantage of virtual world to reach its goals. But, enlargement of virtual world caused itself become smaller. The real world is becoming smaller each passing day to which we say globalization today.

How virtual world behaves.

Virtual world also welcomed to real-world and was happy, too. All the conditions have already been set up for itself. It is becoming bigger each day just the opposite of real one. It entered nearly all the areas of real-world. It was not so useful anymore to behave traditionally. Virtual world had also giant companies as in the real world. There are also clashes beside collaboration among the real-world giants and virtual ones, too. After the networks of networks established, it was a new era type business working together. Companies which used the advantages of virtual world became more powerful than the rest. They kept their business on its route. Because the virtual world was able to enter all inaccessible zones in the real world. It was empowering its friends in an accelerated way. Because even if it is a small company it was able to sell its products to any type of target audience that he desired to sell globally. This was like a beyond imagination type business under the real-world conditions. Think about Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Those companies were not aware of the things what was waiting for themselves at the very beginning. As Mark Zuckerberg also highlighted clearly in Harvard Commencement 2017. Now they’re among the most powerful companies in the real-world. All of those are the signs of how virtual world behaves in a dominating way without disruption.

What to do next?

As today’s people, we face with these two worlds together and in an engagement to each other. People are using these two worlds at a changing frequency for different purposes and passions. While some completely engaged, some are even not aware of it, especially in certain regions of the world. It was very interesting for me the life story of Steve Jobs. As one of big contributors, I think he was also fully engaged person to the virtual world. But the real world was not for him, though. He was better in virtual world but not at the other one. He liked what he did. As a result, there are people who were citizens of the virtual world. As this era will move on this direction, we have to learn more about this virtual world. Perhaps we can also contribute more to the real world by doing this. The effect of the nations is decreasing whereas virtual world’s giants increases. I can give Bill Gates as an example. Sometimes his explanations can create more effect in the real world than any presidents’. I know that Bill Gates wants to change some bad things in the real world and so does Mark Zuckerberg. Those celebrities are just examples. All of us can also contribute something good for the sake of community. We can save life of a starfish by connecting it to the sea.

Starfish On The Coast
Starfish On The Coast

Learn the new world.

We can create a new course of action to our life by imagining where the world is going. Amid virtual and real worlds, it is a necessity for today’s people. We can improve the quality of our lives one step further by helping to the others who need support. I believe we can reach the goals by imagining the life we want to live or deserve. Although it has many negative side effects, globalization brings opportunities as we are experiencing each day on different platforms. Everybody needs learning this new emerging world. Most of the people have been already aware of it and actively engaging to the virtual world for real-world purposes. For adding value, contributing to the community, and helping each other, we can throw a starfish to the sea! It will be the happiness, perhaps, only to see what has changed in that starfish’s destiny.


* This article has been written by Hakan OZCAN who is an influencer/freelance writer on henoni. You can learn more about him by checking out his personal blog

Virtual vs. Real World-1

Sponsored by Hakan Ozcan*

The subject of this article may be quite familiar to you. Perhaps hundreds of books have been published on this subject ‘till now excluding other types of media/social media products. It was an insight by myself writing about the things I lived for the last two months. As a Freelancer writer, I want to share some of my experiences I lived about the clash of virtual and real word from my perspective. It will be a big pleasure for me to make any contribution to the community.


The New world order.

First of all, the new world order is about to be established or perhaps already established. I have been actively engaging social media, search engines, advertisement sites, freelancers’ sites, online marketing companies, different types of network channels, etc. except real media, for the last two months. I am just talking about communication or multidimensional relations in the virtual world in which you don’t see those people, actors and sometimes robots working behind the monitors. You’re engaging them and vice versa. I thought that it was a reality in the virtual world.  Whether I accept, it is very different than my world but a world engaging in my real world in one way or another. Contrary to its glorious attraction, What I saw was really scared me about the unidentified virtual world. It has, of course, pros and cons.

Experience the attack.

Secondly, I will try to describe what I have seen or experienced. In front of the screen, right after your connection set up, as soon as you log in and make a click to any type of links (deep, short, inbound, outbound, embedded, highlighted…) or hit the keys of virtual/real keyboard, your travel and engagements have already been started. Even without giving the opportunity to use your choice, a virtual world decision-maker takes you to the new and never met before relationships. This reminds me of the scenes in George Orwell’s 1984. An unseen decision maker tries to engage you by preventing your reading enthusiasm and changing your direction to a linear route. I mean other peoples’ engagements and yours move in a linear direction. This decision-maker, at the same time, gets you away from the real world, too.   When you are in the virtual world, you already forget eating, drinking, taking shower, sleeping or even going to the toilette ‘till your real-world requirements trigger for the action about your personal habitual activities as a real-world human being. I think this has already been a problem in families and persons’ life from physiological and sociological perspectives. Online game players among whom my son also included, must be the lifelong victims of this virtual world. 😊 Please, do not disturb them in any way! I think they are happy with their virtual world!… Are not those the signs of attacks from the virtual world to our real world?

Sketch how virtual world attacks.

Thirdly, I will try to find an answer to the question of how virtual world attacks. If you want to read an article, watch a video, make shopping or whatever it is that you want to do, third party interferences have already been set up by default on smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops. Those interferences may be;

  • A dynamic ad trying to catch your attention by completely removing your pleasure of reading,
  • A new arrived e-mail or chat sound that disturbs you suddenly,
  • Ending battery charge notifying please charge your battery as soon as possible,
  • Unlimited kinds of sign up requests wherever you go,
  • New notification colored in a red dot on the right top of your screen, above sign out section, reminding update requirements, renewals or annual payments,
  • Another notification from YouTube channel that has already been subscribed before, informs you about new uploaded Subject Matter Expert’s (!) awesome(!) videos, 😊
  • An unexpected usual phone call,
  • The list goes on…

Some people may prevent those interruptions, but most of us don’t. As a result, we lose time and become more stressful. Those engagements mentioned above get us, especially the children, to forget about what to do next, in the real world. It is a clear sign of attack to our real-world by the virtual world, isn’t it?


Minimize the side effects.

As a result, I will try to highlight to minimize the side effects of this clash. We are all human beings. Even if the virtual world fights with the real world, both belong us. We cannot live also without the virtual world. Because it is a reality of the real world. We can’t go back to the pre-internet era. We should learn more about how to live in both worlds. We can decrease the negative effects of the virtual world by taking it under control but not vice versa. By taking necessary actions on internet platforms, we can overcome the negative effects of it. If we can achieve to use it in a friendly manner, we can take advantage of it. The clash of these two worlds will go on forever. Human beings will not be able to prevent it but will learn more about how to live together with both. I assess that this struggle will go on forever. I believe that people should not ignore overcoming the side effects of both worlds mentioned above. As Albert Einstein invoked, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” We have to increase the measures for a sober community from different perspectives by using the mentioned imagination. I will try to highlight those perspectives in my next post. Please feel free and don’t forget making a comment or share any types of your respected thoughts with me.

* This article (Amazon products are promoted in this article on certain links to earn from qualifying purchases) has been written by Hakan OZCAN who is an influencer/freelance writer on henoni. You can learn more about him by checking out


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A Must Read For Freelancers
A Must Read For Freelancers

Hakan Ozcan*

Seven years’ experience.

Freelance Like A Pro was written by Roshan Jerad Perera in 2017. It consists of 131 pages. The writer has given his seven years’ experience to publish the book in which his friendly and sincere approaches included. The target audience is mainly for the people who are older than 18 years old or the people who want to find a freelance writer type of work like finding work, landing clients, & earning more as a freelancer.

I read it completely. It took me 7 days to read it thoroughly including case studies and experiments. Sometimes I read it, again and again, to experiment or learn more about bits of advice that the writer referred in the book just to check how that type of work was done by others.  You can read it depending on your reading speed but in a shorter time than me.

An Introductory Book

Freelance Like A Pro is an introductory book for the audience mentioned above.  It is a new era type of book. Everybody can have some keys to open the closed doors behind the scenes by reading it. The difference of the book from the rest is its live stand and being a book born of experiences. Of course, it is the author’s course of actions highlighted in the book. You may not agree with some attitudes. He says I did those in this way. If you do the same things that I did, you can reach the same results that I reached as of today. Additionally, he also wakes you up about the third-party notifications! There are 21 lessons, 5 Freelancing Secrets, Extra Content, Templates, Case Studies and Links +… When you read the book, you will see the friendly and honest approach of the author in its full content.

Insights to community.

As a result, I am sure Freelance Like A Pro will give insights to the community. I am not sure but, perhaps, the author is in the preparation of his next and more comprehensive one.? I personally appreciate Roshan especially for his friendly and honest approach to the community. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on a commission basis if you buy it from my site h.e.n.o.n.i by clicking to the picture of the book above and below.

Last but not least, Chinese proverb best describes Freelance Like A Pro“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” It gives a step by step guide to being a Pro Freelancer Writer with an honest and friendly approach, too. If you still didn’t buy the book, hurry up! and just click here or the picture below.?

* This article has been written by Hakan OZCAN who is an influencer/freelance writer on henoni. You can learn more about him by checking out his personal blog